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ALAA Conference

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Social Functions & Tours

The conference offers several networking and social functions.


A welcome reception on the first day will enable participants to meet other delegates.


The gala dinner will be held on the evening of Monday 2nd December onboard the unique and elegant Crystal Swan floating restaurant. We will be wined, dined and entertained while we take a short trip on the beautiful Swan River. Numbers will be restricted so please register and pay early to ensure your seat at the table.

The conference will offer all delegates a field visit to choose from 3 different streams on desalination, water efficiency and water reuse. Each stream will include a visit to one or more sites related to that stream and guided by experts at the facility.

Closing Ceremony,  3rd December. Following the official closing of the conference refreshments, drinks and food will be provided at the venue.

An exciting 1-day technical tour will be arranged for all participants on Thursday, 5th December.

Take advantage of coming to WA by enjoying an engaging 3-day post conference tour through our beautiful south-west, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.